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  The Janitorial & Sanitation category includes Cleaners, Cleaning Supplies, Towel Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Paper Products, and Bins. Janitorial & Sanitation products are usable for commercial and public areas such as hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, kitchens, offices, and schools.

  Recently, hygiene and cleanliness are getting more significant. Some publicly used products become anti-hygienic. For example, bathroom towels, metal tableware products, and other public-used products. So, paper and soap dispensers are becoming more beneficial for companies and governments. 

How to Choose the Towel dispenser for Your Needs?


  In addition, towel dispensers are beneficial to provide non-used papers without taking extra papers or touching some common buttons. However, there are different paper dispensers available on the market. Therefore, there are a few things that need to be considered before buying paper dispensers. 

  • Purpose of Paper Dispenser,

  • Paper Dispenser's Size,

  • Paper Dispenser's Model,

  Moreover, There are three types of paper dispensers which are manual dispensers, automatic dispensers, and centre pull paper dispensers. Manual dispensers can be works without electricity. Automatic dispensers work with sensors. So, without touching any buttons, the paper can be delivered. Centre Pull paper dispensers are mostly useful in commercial areas including restaurants, cafes, and hotel kitchens. 

  There are three brands that are only available at for the United Kingdom. Rulopak, Focus, and Qavun. We are working with top manufacturers to supply high-quality at affordable prices. 

  We have a wide range of products for the Janitorial & Sanitation category. You can order online at In addition, our best seller is qavun towel dispenser. Qavun Towel Dispenser is suitable with multifold paper towels and has a capacity of 200 C-Folded papers and a lock system.

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