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Turkish coffee has been the most famous way of enjoying coffee for hundreds of millions of people living in Northeast Africa, the Arab Peninsula, and Asia Minor.

Nevertheless, Turkish coffee could not become a worldwide available beverage, like many other coffees such as americano or espresso, primarily due to the lack of technology that would make it accessible easier. For instance, espresso has been around for only about hundred and fifty years. Now, it is a multi-billion dollar industry globally. One of the reasons behind this is the coffee machines that allow people to prepare espresso anytime and anywhere.

Arzum which is one of the largest suppliers of small electrical appliances suppliers developed Okka Turkish coffee machines. So, making Turkish coffee becomes easier at home, in a restaurant, or in an office.

Arzum OKKA family includes useful products such as OKKA Turkish coffee machines and coffee cups. The OKKA Turkish coffee machine is the first product to serve directly into the cup. OKKA family continues to keep the Turkish coffee tradition alive in the best way. With the OKKA coffee grinder, you witness the smell of the fresh coffee you prepare with every glass. With OKKA Turkish coffee machine models, you can always prepare coffee with full consistency and plenty of foam. You can experience Turkish Coffee with OKKA by serving the coffee you prepared with Qavun coffee cup models.

Arzum OKKA Grandio and Arzum OKKA Minio coffee maker models increase your coffee enjoyment with their touch control panel, smart water technology, cup size adjustment, and sound and light warning system. While smart cooking excludes the stone sensor, the slow cooking function provides the experience of coffee on embers.

Arzum OKKA Turkish coffee machine offers the best coffee experience with its direct-to-cup feature. The device offers maximum practicality and taste with its single or two-cup service option, light and sound warning system, self-cleaning, and slow-cooking items. If you like a full cup of coffee, you can also prepare your 3 times cups of coffee in a large cup.

Tips for Making Turkish Coffee
Turkish coffee, which is among the legacies from history to the present, is more delicious when it is foamy. A cup of Turkish coffee, known as the basis of 40 years of memory, gains its real taste when cooked with patience and together. At the beginning of the tricks of drinking delicious and foamy Turkish coffee is the freshness of the coffee used.

Arzum OKKA Family Products and Prices
Increasing your comfort in your home with durable and electrical appliances, Arzum aims to explain the pleasure of Turkish coffee to the whole world with the OKKA family. At, you will be able to find Arzum Turkish coffee machine models that offer practical use and offer your coffee exactly as you want it and foamy cups for your guests. In addition, Arzum Okka automatic Turkish coffee machine is fully compliant with UK regulations and comes with a 3-pin British plug.

Qavun's coffee grinders and coffee cups increase the pleasure of coffee. Follow the Qavun's campaigns and discounts to purchase Arzum OKKA's with the best deals in the United Kingdom.
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