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Before buying ceramic tile, it is significant to research it according to indoor/outdoor use. You can prefer porcelain ceramics with a low water absorption coefficient on surfaces exposed to weather conditions. Do not use wall tiles specially produced for interior spaces on the exterior and floor surfaces. In addition, according to the area to be implemented, you should choose ceramics with suitable abrasion resistance.

Take care to use wall tiles on the wall and floor tiles on the floor. For small bathrooms, large size walls and floor tiles make the small space seem much larger and more spacious. If you want to make the bathroom where the ceramic tile will be laid look long or wide, you can place the long side of the rectangular tiles in that direction.


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The color tone number and, if any, caliber numbers of the tiles to be laid in the same space must be the same. Otherwise, size differences and color tone differences will occur. You can increase the sense of depth by covering a wall with a darker color tile in spaces where you can make it appear larger by using light tones.

The joint gaps for wall tiles should be 2 mm and the rectified tiles should be laid with 1 mm joint spacing. More openness makes the look ugly. If the opening is less than 3 mm for floor tiles, 2 millimeters for wall tiles, and less than 1 millimeter for rectified tiles, the ceramic ends will rub against each other and breakage occurs on the edges.


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Do not use glazed and glossy porcelain tiles on the floors of wet places, your preference should be antislip matte tiles. You should prefer tiles with matte and non-slippery surfaces, especially in places where small children run around and where safety is a leading criterion. These products are also easy to clean.
Antacid tiles are especially preferred for industrial spaces, food establishments, restaurants, hospitals, health centers, cafeterias, and places where heavy loads will be found and construction machinery will be used.

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