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What Is a Edison Bulb?

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the Incandescent Filament Lamp. Later; Mercury Vapor Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp, Metal Halide Lamp, Sodium Vapor Lamp, Halogen Lamp, Compact Fluorescent Lamp and LED Lamps were invented in the 2000s.

Today, the newest generation of Incandescent Filament Filament designs, use with LED Fleets, are widely used for indoor use and for ambient lighting purposes.

Rustic lamps are also reinstated. Lamps colorful designs like warm at hotel, cafe, restaurant. Edison bulbs, which have recently become popular in homes as well, are purchased from the buyer with the case models.

Edison bulbs are usually sold in ST64, A60, Globe, Curved and Candlelight colors and in Warm, Cool Daylight, Daylight colors. Also, there are two different feeling models for you with E14 and E27 socket

We recommend that people learn the shape of the chandelier or the product you will use the bulb. Among them, it takes the form of E14 or E27. Deciding on the shape of the bulb after the pump, according to the model of the chandelier or the product you will use the bulb.

The bulb can be ST64, A60, Globe, Curved and Candle. Then it looks like there will be an environment where you will use the product, or he can decide. Decided on this color (K), which is the unit of color mood, dimension reports the color of light.

Warm light- (2700-3200 Kelvin)
Natural light - (4000-5000 Kelvin)
Cold light - (5500-6500 Kelvin)

After deciding on the light color desired to be used, the specific light side to use the product will be for Bulb Lumens or Decide in Watts of the Product. Generally rustic bulbs lead from 4W to 8W. Finally, Rustic or Edison Bulbs can be purchased once the light has been decided.

Where to Buy Edison Bulb?

As Qavun & Co, the Brands we are Authorized Business Partners for in our Edison bulbs and LED Bulbs Category; We have Philips, Osram, ACK, HEKA brand products. Therefore, it will have convenient price and quality.

The important factor for Edison & Rustic light bulbs is packaging. It is extremely important that the products are not broken in the cargo due to breakage. How Do We Pack Your Orders? You can watch How to Pack Rustic and Flemish Bulbs on our YouTube video via our link. In addition, in the products sent, it has the requesting and requesting authorities. For more information, you can visit our Customer Service page.

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