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You can order linear lighting fixtures, indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, surface-mounted linear lighting, LED Flood lighting types at affordable prices. Rail spots gain an important place with their versatile use.

Track Lights available in the lighting of homes, offices, workplaces, and showcase products contain a movable structure. You can move the track lights, which is mounted on a rail system, on the rail as you wish and direct its lighting towards the area you want. In this way, you can practically use spotlights on the area or objects you want to highlight.

There are light bulbs with different powers in ray spot products, which also different in terms of the light systems inside. For example, you can determine the light intensity suitable for the atmosphere you want to create. Sconce models, which offer a decorative, aesthetic, and functional solution in indoor and outdoor spaces, are highly preferred. It helps products to stand out by using decorative products such as walls and painting paintings and trinkets. Sconce Models, which can be used in many areas as functional and decorative, allow you to illuminate the desired area and area with light intensity and angle. Wall sconces models produced in classical, simple, and modern styles are especially preferred in home, office, and hotel decorations. High quality wall sconces allow you to create your style while making your living spaces more decorative.

Pendant Chandelier Models, the most popular among the pendant models, the pendant chandelier models are smaller than the chandeliers, so the area they illuminate is also small in direct proportion to their size.

Suspended lighting fixtures are among the options that can affect the atmosphere and decor of the environment and are highly preferred. It is also seen that stalactites are used on tables in places such as restaurants and cafes. For large areas and high ceilings, triple pendant lamps will be suitable as more lighting may be required.

You can order light bulbsindoor and outdoor lighting products at affordable prices. You can check the types of led lighting fixtures used in the form of spotlights and spotlights from our website.

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