Clock 160 LED Wall Sconce - Black

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160 Clock Wall Lamp Has Black Metal Body/Acrylic Material. Bulb Included. 1X 32W Led 1X 3W Led 3000K-3500 Lm Kelvin -Lumen Value.

It has physical dimensions of W:34 L:74 H:6. Our products are guaranteed for two years. First-class paint and coating are used in our products.

All materials are first class. Our products come out of the box ready to use and assembled. Our Cargo Delivery is 1 business day.

All of our products are domestic production. You can use our products in your home, cafes, and restaurants.

Do not forget to remove all protective packaging from the product taken out of the box. No materials that will harm nature are used.

We recommend using led bulbs in all our products. All mounting apparatus is available in the carton.

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