Basic Bathroom Mats by Qavun - Set of 2 - Beige , White

Color: Beige
Sale price$34.00
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Product Features

Material/Material: Cotton
Size: 60x100 cm + 50x60 cm
Number of Pieces: 2 Pieces

Nuvomon Swallow Closet Set helps you to make your bathroom look original and unique by offering colorful, classic, and modern exotic options that appeal to all tastes.

In addition to adding a nice appearance to your bathroom, it prevents water from accumulating on the floor. It provides the advantage of long-term use with its quality cotton material.

Use and Care Recommendations

• Our 100% cotton product can be washed in the machine.
• It can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 30 °C, using fabric softener, without bleach.
• Drying should not be done.

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