Elite Autocut Paper Towel Dispenser 21 Cm White and Black

Color: Black
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General features;

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the size of the paper to be used, it allows you to save money and prevents paper waste.
It has manual use. It does not need batteries or electrical energy.
Made of quality ABS material. It is impact resistant.
Since it leaves only the paper that the user will come into contact with, the remaining papers inside are stored in a hygienic way.
It has easy and practical use.
When attaching the paper towel or when the paper is left inside, the button on the right of the product can be easily removed by turning the button clockwise.
The paper towel is pulled from both sides and the paper towel is cut with the help of an automatic knife and becomes ready for use.

Technical Specifications;

  • It is made of ABS material.
  • Manual operation
  • Dimensions of 38.5 x 31 x 23 cm
  • automatic knife
  • Used with a 21 cm movable towel.
  • 2.7 Kg

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