Clock Panel LED Wall Sconce - Black & Green

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  • Panel Sconce With Clock Has Mixed Metal Material.
  • 1X 16W Led is 3000K-1600 Lm Kelvin -Lumen.
  • It has physical dimensions of W:45 L:50 H:5. Our products are guaranteed for two years.
  • First-class paint and coating are used in our products. All materials are first class. Our products come out of the box ready to use and assembled.
  • Our Cargo Delivery is 1 business day. All of our products are domestic production. You can use our products in your home, cafes, and restaurants.
  • Do not forget to remove all protective packaging from the product taken out of the box. No materials that will harm nature are used.
  • We recommend using led bulbs in all our products.
  • All mounting apparatus is available in the carton. You should read the user manual first.

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