Brassmagie Table Lamp

Bottom Base Color: Salmon
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This brass-detailed Brassmagie Table Lamp is a great example of craftsmanship.

Matte Brass body and Snow White Akide Table Lamp combined with glass is 33 cm high and 14 cm wide. The product, which has a 3000 K light color as standard, has a total power of 6 Watts.

Meanwell/Tridonic electronic drivers as well as Samsung or Osram LED chips inside the Brassmagie Table Lamp is used. The product is not suitable for dimming.

Brassmagie Table lamp is suitable to work with an electrical connection between 100-240 V and the modules produced as standard are not suitable for dimming. The table lamp can be produced according to different country plugs; If you want it to be produced according to the type of country you live in, it will be enough to write it in the order notes.

Recommended uses for Brassmagie Table Lamp;

  • Bed Heads

  • Kitchen and Bar Tops

  • Table Tops

  • Library Fields

  • Modern Structures in Traditional Line

What You Should Know About This Product

  • Brassmagie Table Lamps are suitable for indoor use. Not suitable for use outdoors and in wet areas.

  • Brassmagie Table Lamps can only be wiped with a dry cloth or with a slightly damp cloth provided that it does not remain wet afterward. Blackening and corrosion may occur if the product comes into contact with chemicals.

  • Brassmagie Table Lamps Work with 100-240 Volt electrical connection.

  • Professional support is required for the assembly of the product. Before installing the product, make sure that the power is disconnected!

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