Evony Absorbent Panties Medıum 30 units

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New Absorbent Panties from Evony provide an economical solution for safe and
comfortable use with its barriers protecting against leakage, comfortable,
the breathable textile's upper surface, skin-friendly, odor control, and invisible
product structure.

  • WHY EVONY ADULT DIAPER: Evony Adult Diaper provides super protection against leakage all night long with its highly absorbent structure. Thanks to its super absorbent area, it provides higher protection and safe protection for adult patients and adults, while it does not irritate the skin with its breathable textile upper surface. Diapers with a body-compatible design and anti-odor technology provide a comfortable and comfortable sleep. The secure band system, which can be opened and closed many times, is not affected by wetness, creams, and oils. Thanks to the wetness indicator, it provides both practical and safe use by showing the time when the diaper should be changed. Dermatologically and microbiologically tested.
  • Breathable Textile Upper: A breathable textile upper surface is used in the Evony adult diaper, which reduces the discomfort caused by sweating due to the use of diapers. Even with long-term use, the skin does not lose its feeling of freshness.
  • ODOR REDUCTION & HEAVY ABSORBENCY: Evony Adult Diaper, which is prepared considering the problem of bad odor, which is one of the biggest problems of individuals with incontinence problems, prevents this problem with its anti-odor technology. The feeling of discomfort and restlessness caused by the bad odor ends with Evony.
  • FIT RIGHT: Evony Adult Diaper, prepared at every stage with your comfort in mind, has a structure that fully grips your body. It offers maximum comfort with its waistbands that can be adjusted according to the waist size. It provides a peaceful and comfortable sleep all night.


Waistline: 80-120 cm

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