Firezza 8 Glass Top Chandelier

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Colour: Dark Tumbled
Pine: Amber - Flat Medium Size
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Firezza 8 Table Top Chandelier is designed for linear use on dining tables. The chandelier, which has 8 arms in total, can illuminate 20-25 square meters on its own.

The product has a total width of 140 cm and its body height is 35 cm.

It is produced with Medium Size Flat Amber glass and a Dark aged body. The product is produced with a 50+50 cm lift as standard.

The products are suitable to operate with an electrical connection between 100-240 V and the chandeliers produced as standard are suitable for dimming.

Recommended usage areas for the use of Firezza 8 Table Top Chandeliers;

  • Indoor Living and Lounge Areas

  • Dinner Top

  • Staircases

  • Restaurants

  • Flats with High Ceilings

Firezza 8 Table Top Things You Should Know About the Chandelier

  • Firezza 8 Table Top Chandelier Use Indoor it is suitable for Not suitable for use outdoors and in wet areas.v

  • 8 Table Top Chandelier can be wiped with a dry cloth only or with a slightly damp cloth provided that it does not remain wet afterward. If the product comes into contact with chemicals, darkening and rusting may occur.

  • 8 Table Top Chandelier Works with a 100-240 Volt electrical connection.

  • Professional support is required for the installation of the product. Before installing the product, make sure that the power is disconnected! 

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