Ola Black Stool

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PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Top table 35×25 cm, Height 37.5 cm, Bottom table 34×23 cm

PRODUCT MATERIAL: Solid linden wood, Black color paint

PRODUCT FEATURES: It is produced from linden wood with the laminated method. The texture and patterns in the raw wood are evident under the polish. Each product is unique in terms of pattern and texture. Since it is combined with the laminated method, the joints can be seen as lines, and the tone difference can be seen between the combined trees. Each product is made by hand.

PRODUCT USE & CARE: When the product gets dusty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth (only dampened with water). Any surface cleaner and chemical substance should not come into contact with its surface, it may leave stains. It may be scratched in contact with sharp products. Since it is solid wood, it can be sanded and polished for renewal after long-term use.

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