Multitask Toilet Paper Dispenser Black

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General features;

Made of high-quality ABS material.
Compatible with C/V fold toilet paper.
250 sheet capacity
It is hygienic. You are the first to touch the leaf you will use.
Compared to traditional toilet paper, it provides 52% savings as it gives paper one by one.
It is easy to use and practical.
Since it is C-folded, it does not cause problems such as paper remaining and clogging.
Towels stay in a closed chamber, thus providing continuous hygiene.
It is easy to maintain and clean.
It provides long-term use.
It does not need electricity or battery energy.
Hygienic pes and spare wheel toilet paper container
Ergonomic non-slip cover.
Area to put decorative items or air freshener
Vertical and horizontal mobile phone stand

Technical specifications;

Manual operation
Made of ABS material
0.9 Kg
black color

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